About this site…

The Pennsylvania Buy Fresh Buy Local® program celebrates regional foods – heirloom tomatoes, farmstead cheeses, varietal wines, pasture-raised lamb, crisp apples – the abundance and diversity of foods available to you locally is truly inspirational!

Our goal is to make it easier for you to find, choose, and appreciate great local foods while supporting the farmers and lands that produce them.

We create food guides, coordinate tasting events, organize farmers’ markets and sponsor farm tours, among other activities!

Wherever you find a Buy Fresh Buy Local® sign or label – in a store, market or restaurant – you’ve found a business with a commitment to feature local foods and support local producers.

Buy Fresh Buy Local® chapters in Pennsylvania are managed by a diverse coalition of partnering organizations and agencies, supported by a growing community of local volunteers.

All of this abundant grassroots energy is coordinated by the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA), on behalf of our national partner, the FoodRoutes Network.

Program Coordination

Contact information for local chapters is available on each regional or local chapter page. For information on starting a new Buy Fresh Buy Local chapter in PA, to make a comment or ask a question about this website, or to inquire about statewide or multi-region opportunities, please contact PASA:

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For questions about Buy Fresh Buy Local programming outside of Pennsylvania, contact FoodRoutes Network:

PO Box 405
Millheim, PA 16854